Healing Angels was born in 2013 with the help of world renowned healer Andrew Elson. Andrew is also a gifted clairvoyant who has worked for Sky television.

Andrew has worked extensively over the years with the healing properties of Gemstones from around the world, Crystal Healing has been used throughout the centuries as an alternative medicine technique by many different cultures worldwide, including the, Native American’s, Aztecs, Inca’s and Egyptians, also widely in Eastern society. All have looked upon Gemstones as precious and prized objects.

Angels have also been represented throughout generations, cultures, and religion’s, since the beginning of time, as spiritual beings with healing messages, often as intermediate’s between god and man. The Latin meaning, “One sent Messenger”. Angels are said to often be around us, their presence may come in many forms whether it be as a white feather, cloud formation or even the people we meet can give us angelic messages.

Andrew has been incredibly passionate about sharing these combined powerful healing properties with the world, and is finally able to do so, in the form of the unique and beautiful, Healing Angels. Each gemstone angel has it’s own name, unique specific healing quality and special message just for you. Handcrafted by skilled and selected craftsmen, choosing whole Gemstones from many parts of the world, making the quality and finish of each and every one of these angels individual.

Each angel range’s from 1.5cm to 30cm in height. Larger angels can be hand crafted on a commission basis whether it’s for your healing centre, healing room or for your own personal use. These larger gemstone angels are very rare and are not readily available anywhere else in the world.

Andrew’s long term vision is to create a “Healing Angels Centre”, A sanctuary for people from all walks of life to come and enjoy holistic therapies and experience some of the benefits of natural healing, on a donation basis only.
Thank you for taking the time to visit Healing Angels

With Love and Light Always
Andrew x